Ruggeri Curvati

Ruggeri Curvati vero

Address: Via della Resistenza 9, 61020, Schieti di Urbino (PU)


Contacts: Ph. +39 0722 59161 ; Email:


Ruggeri Curvati company specializes in the production of curved laminated plywood for use in the furniture industry and furnishings in general.

The company operates only upon receipt of order scrupulously respecting the customer’s exclusive rights for each individual design. The company’s specialized personnel, high technology and advanced machinery allow it to meet and satisfy each individual customer’s needs and to conclude even their most complicated projects.

The company has a total work area of more than 6000mt² divided between 2 sites. It guarantees the construction of any type of curved element or shape by means of its high frequency warping plants situated within the 4 work centres which each enclose a 5-axis computer numerical control system (CNC).

The company, over the years, has matured great experience in producing curved elements in laminated plywood, untreated and treated veneers, two-dimensional and threedimensional elements and also curves of variable thickness.

Teamwork and collaboration between our qualified technicians and the customer allow for the very best solution for project pay-off which strictly adheres to technical and producti- ve needs.

The use of preference materials, the quality of the E1 class glues with a low formaldehyde content, the accuracy of the machines together with the experience of specialized personnel all guarantee the achievement of one goal: customer satisfaction

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