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Design and technology, working for people.

Quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

These characteristics have always been the guidelines behind Artel’s manufacturing commitment: a vocation that has been confirmed in the company’s continued research into cutting-edge quality for its products.

Artel’s wealth of experience has led it to develop an efficient organizational framework with the ability to offer skills, professionalism and guaranteed service.

This all culminates in the twenty years experience that has allowed Artel to become an important standard-setter in the extraction hood industry.

A team of highly specialised designers and technical staff interpret the design requirements of customers, customizing productsand creating extraction hoods with versatile styles and in line with contemporary design trends.

From design to installation, the technical division in Artel is able to supply all of the information needed for a perfect finished product, dealing with many different customer requests punctually and precisely.

A new, modern, state-of-art factory is the latest achievement for a company that has everything it takes to become a leading force in the industry.

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