A.R.A. S.r.l.



Address: Via Brodolini 47/49, 61025, Montelabbate (PU)

Website: www.ara-srl.it

Contacts: Ph. +39 0721 491681 – 497120, Email: info@ara-srl.it


A.R.A. S.r.l., estabilished in 1983, produces accessories for furniture in foam polyurethane.

Foam polyurethane is a product derived from the mixture of two chemical components injected in a mould.

It is known for its notable versatility that allows to realize the most different shapes and thicknesses; furthermore the product’s surface is easily paintable and it can be reinforced through the use of iron insert during the molding.

The whole production cycle is organized within our 6.000 m2 factory, from R&D to production (through modern equipments and pressurized varnishing cabins). This allow us to offer a product verified, efficient and customized.

Our customers are basically furniture makers (elements for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and offices) but the flexibility of foam polyurethane and its innumerable applications allows us to cooperate with several partners that works in different industrial sectors such as nautical, construction industry, furniture for meeting room and auditorium (seating accessories and writing tablets) and medical & beauty industry (ex. carter for machineries).

Our products are appreciated and esteemed all over the world for professionalism, competence and reliability we developed in over thirty years of experience.

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